Unpopular Opinion: I like Martha Jones better than Rose Tyler

[The reason I’m tagging Rose in this is because I want some input from Rose fans as well as Martha ones.]

I’ve been noticing that on my Martha Jones tag there is more hate than love. Martha does not deserve this hate. Most of it, as I have also noticed, is from people who think Rose is THE companion (that is, not all the hate is from Rose lovers and not all Rose lovers hate Martha). For fun, I’ve decided to do a rebuttal of some of the reasons why people don’t like Martha, in no particular order. (And as a heads-up, there are going to be some anti-Rose things in here, just to prove my points)

First reason: She constantly pined after the Doctor. It was annoying. She would have done anything to stay glued to him.
Right, yeah. Because she’s the one who hopped between universes, risking tearing them apart, just so she could see the Doctor, and she… Oh wait, that was Rose. Martha was the one who left on her own free will, one of the only companions to do that. 
I mean, she did pine after the Doctor and I can see how that would be annoying. But it never really overshadowed an episode, except maybe in Family of Blood—it was mostly just a comment here, a comment there. He did kiss her within a day of meeting her, after all. And he’s quite good looking. If anyone says they wouldn’t fall in love with that, they’re lying.

Second reason: She’s a slut. The Doctor is Rose’s and Martha has no right to love him.
Martha did not know anything about Rose when she first fell in love with him. What’s more, she didn’t have a relationship, so it’s not like she was cheating on someone. Then there was that thing with Shakespeare—he hit on her, and she refused because she knew he was married. Rose, on the other hand, flirted with Jack while she was the girlfriend of Mickey, and then during S2 flirted with the Doctor while Mickey was there. I don’t think Rose is a slut, let me just say that; but I don’t know how Martha is more of one than she is. 
And being a huge Doctor/TARDIS shipper and believing there is no one else for him, this reason annoys me. I still refuse to believe the Doctor’s love for Rose was anything but platonic, although I know that’s not true. 

Third reason: She’s useless. She can’t do anything. She’s such a damsel in distress.
Martha is useless, really? She can’t do anything? She actually had the most responsibility thrust upon her compared to most of the other companions. In her first episode she almost suffocated by giving the Doctor her last breath of air. In Family of Blood, she had to spend three months by herself watching over the Doctor/John Smith in a period of time where she was racially inferior (why this time was chosen, I do not know). She was the one who figured out in Gridlock that they needed to shut off the bus so they wouldn’t get eaten by the crab things, and the one who shouted EXPELLIARMUS to kill the witches (bonus points for Harry Potter). She had to support the Doctor herself for two months in Blink. And then, she walked the Earth in the year that never was. This is probably my favorite finale because she actually did something, and got no credit for it because everyone forgot. Rose in S1 turned into some sort of Goddess for a few minutes and killed the Daleks with a wave of her hand, and then had to be saved by the Doctor anyway because it almost killed her; in S2 her dad saved her from dying and she ended up in the parallel universe, crying her eyes out; Donna in S4, as much as I love her, just touched the Doctor’s hand, and then she had to have her memory wiped (I am still upset at that); Amy in S5 just remembered the Doctor which, admittedly, is hard but it didn’t take very long. Martha walked the Earth for a year, outsmarted the Master, and defeated him with words. And then she realized the travelling was no good for her, and left a better person.

Again, being a Doctor/TARDIS shipper this reason annoys me. Martha is not ‘replacing’ anyone. No one can really ‘replace’ anyone because THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. They each have their own personalities and wishes. She was not going out of her way to bring anyone down. At this point people bring up that episode Utopia and how she was insulting Rose. Her first comment, “Good old Rose,” she said quietly and to herself, just thinking out loud. The second one, “Oh, she was a BLONDE!” was actually said after Jack brought it up. Besides those, Martha wasn’t trying to break her down so much as live up to it.
And anyway, the Doctor’s first companion, Susan, is his granddaughter. He loved her and I’m pretty sure he had a wife too.

Fifth reason: She’s black.
I have actually heard this before. This is not a reason, guys. That’s like me saying I hate Donna and Amy because they’re gingers or Rose because she’s blonde. It just doesn’t work.

Sixth reason: I just don’t like her.
It peeves me off when people make posts like “I just don’t like Martha… I don’t know why… I just don’t.” It’s like, at least put in the effort to defend your opinion. Or am I the only one who gets annoyed by that? I just need reasons.

Seventh reason: She’s selfish.
According to RTD Rose is actually the selfish one. I mean, she almost killed the universe just to see the Doctor. I don’t see how Martha is selfish, though. I’m going to bring back the point I made that she gave up her last breath of air to save the Doctor in Smith and Jones. That’s pretty selfless. I can’t really defend this point because I don’t see where it’s coming from. 

Eight reason: She’s just not Rose
This is a show that’s based off a change—Change in companions, in places, even in Doctors. You can’t watch it if you can’t live with that. The Doctor’s had at least 40 companions before her. While the Doctor played a huge role in Rose’s and Martha’s (and everyone else’s) lives, they didn’t play as big a role in his. Watch some Classic Who, please. I quite enjoy it.

Ninth reason: There was no character development. She left the same person she started as.
If Martha left the same person she was she wouldn’t have left at all. The Martha we first met was unsure and quieter than other people (like Donna, for example). She also loved the Doctor. After leaving she became stronger and more confident, she became a doctor herself, and she let go of the Doctor and got married (she did not get married to Mickey though… That didn’t happen. You imagined it). The development isn’t that obvious but it’s there, so I can see why this would annoy people.

Tenth reason: She’s boring. She doesn’t have a personality. She doesn’t do anything.
Again, I don’t really see where people are coming from on this one. I think when a character has personality you can put them in any situation and imagine what they would say/do. I can do this with Martha, so to me she has a personality. As for the not doing anything bit, see Reason 3.

Eleventh reason: I hate her mom. She has stupid eyebrows.
You have stupid eyebrows.
I mean, really? You hate Martha because you hate her mom? By this logic I would hate Donna because I hate her mom (I love Wilf though). But I love Donna. 
And you hate her mom because of her eyebrows? That’s just… What?

So, eleven reason and eleven rebuttals (and eleven Doctors, HARHAR). Hopefully you find this satisfactory. Again, I want input on this which is why I’m tagging both Rose and Martha.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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