Iron, wires and blood; the perfect weapon [listen]

  1. Iron, Woodkid - I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste, of the blood on my lips again
  2. Kill of the Night, Gin WigmoreI wanna taste the way that you bleed
  3. Seven Nation Army, The White StripesAll the words are gonna bleed from me, and I will think no more
  4. Our Demons feat. Aja Volkman, The Glitch MobNo wonder, you have demons, everyone’s got a choice this time around
  5. Wires, The NeighbourhoodWhen he talks I hear his ghosts, every word they say to me
  6. Degausser, Brand NewI can’t shake this feeling, I’ll never get anything right
  7. Numb, The Airborne Toxic EventIt goes so fast, it seems nothing lasts, I think I’ve lost something
  8. Bloodstream, StatelessThe silence surrounds you, and haunts you



…Till the end of the line, right pup?

#because seriously#bucky finds this dog on the street#this puppy that is bruised and battered and crying#and he takes it home and takes care of it#and he loves it so much#and it loves him#and the pup grows up#but this is recent post-ws bucky and he’s not always himself#and something happens#and the pup gets spooked#and he runs away just for a sec#and while wandering the street trying to get back home#(back to bucky)#a couple of mobsters pick him up saying hey bro we could use an attack dog#and there he stays#abused and mistreated all over again#until he has a run-in with clint barton#and his little dog life#(and his name)#changes all over again#and then one day#steve drops by clint’s place#or clint comes to the tower#to meet the reformed winter soldier properly#and well (x)


The Winter Soldier’s sexy murder walk


Interviewer: So have you learned anything about each other on this trip? 
Anthony: His favorite fruit is raspberries. 
Sebastian: It’s blueberries. (x)


 realm eternal: an asgardian fanmix. 

sol ivictus, audiomachine; anthem of the world, future world music; strength to believe, epic score; majestic, mark petrie; to be eternal, killer tracks; asgard, brian taylor; this is our land, epic score; leap of faith, future world music; undiscovered realms, must save jane; the home of a people, zach hemsey; transcendence, audiomachine; sons of odin, patrick doyle | listen


You could still be
what you want to
What you said you were
when I met you.

the feels are real (send me requests for these two pls my ask box is open)


And honestly, I kind of get it.




Deadpool #10

is deadpool even a real comic

My neighbor tried to tell me Deadpool wasn’t a little gay and when i mentioned Spiderman he went “yeah, yeah okay.”


think i’ll go to war 

a bucky barnes/winter soldier fanmix

civilian // wye oak own stunts // breathe owl breathe war // the years anyone’s ghost // the national human // daughter lose your soul // dead man’s bones bones // msmr who are you really // mikky ekko

listen here


#forever obsessed with his acting choices in this film  #even his cockiness in the beginning has a worryingly unstable edge  #completely blind to anyone other than himself but steve  #just riding the edge of the wave of his handsomeness and charm  #a boy about to go to war who’s never known anything but being the shining light of his own life  #and then he goes tumbling into the dark  #look at that face; those eyes (okayophelia)

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